Lighting Control Design

Lighting Control Design is more than just having the right amount of light for the task, it includes the more personal elements of comfort safety and security. Many Lighting Control Systems can provide significant energy savings by switching lighting according to occupancy and optimising the use of natural light, but with effective design this can be tailored so that an individual is completely unaware that there is an advanced system optimising both energy saving and their experience of the lit environment.

Through many years of experience working with architects, lighting designers and end users; Gemini Lighting Solutions are able to tailor our designs to the uses of each area. This may include making sure that lighting in a meeting room is able to adapt to the many different scenarios for that area or it could be as simple as making sure that the last person to leave a building never has to walk into a dark space on their way out.

Our design team consider the human element of the building through its life starting with the installation of the system through to the needs of the people who will spend their time there.

The Design Process

On receipt of a design request, we will study both the building drawings and specification and make an initial assessment. If we feel that we need any additional information, we will flag this at this time.

Our designers will then start to apply the controls which provide the best solution for the project. We will consider building regulation compliance, best practice energy saving, building specifications, ease of installation, ease of maintenance, futureproofing and end user perception and satisfaction whilst all the time aiming to provide a competitive and cost effective solution.

At this time we will provide a proposal which details a list of the equipment required for the project and an initial cost.

As the project progresses we will be able to fine tune our design and if required we are able to produce CAD drawings to aid installation.

Project Management

Before installation takes place the engineer who designed the system will meet with the Gemini Project Manager for hand over of the system. This does not mean that the designer is no longer involved, but briefs the project manager who will ensure that the installation of the Lighting Control System runs smoothly.

During installation the project manager will regularly attend site meetings and liaise with the installer and end use to develop a control strategy. This is how the system will operate on day one.


Once the control strategy is developed, the project manager will call on the commissioning engineers to begin setting up the software to operate the controls. The commissioning engineers will attend site nearing the end of installation to assist the installer with any last minute issues and set the system to work.

The Future?

Once the client has moved in and settled into the building it is likely that they may want to fine tune the system to their particular requirements. Gemini Lighting Controls are happy to discuss this and provide any fine tuning required.




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