• Philips Dynalite

    Philips Dynalite is synonymous with the creation of sophisticated, simple, reliable and energy-efficient lighting control solutions for a wide range of industry sectors, including residential, custom installation, offices, retail, hospitality and public spaces. An industry leading innovator for over 20 years, Philips Dynalite is the solution of choice for a wide range of ‘smart home’, energy management and architectural lighting control applications. Philips Dynalite solutions blend high-level functionality with dramatic aesthetic sustainability to enable and enhance our lives.

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  • Breeam

    BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised measures of a building’s environmental performance. It encourages designers, clients and others to think about low carbon and low impact design, minimising the energy demands created by a building before considering energy efficiency and low carbon technologies.

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  • L1A, L2A, L1B and L2B

    These parts of the Building Regulations are concerned with the reasonable provision for the conservation of fuel and power in respect of dwellings and buildings other than dwellings. There are requirements to limit heat loss through walls, floors and roofs and also from hot-water pipes and storage vessels. Efficient lighting (low energy) must be provided, and in respect of buildings other than dwellings, provision must be made for the prevention of overheating due to solar gain and for limiting the heat gains from air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation. New and existing buildings are treated separately.

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Simple stand-alone solutions and fully networked intelligent systems.

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Best practice system design. ‘The best lighting control system is the one that the user doesn’t know is there’

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Optimising your investment and managing change through the lifecycle of your building.

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Legacy Systems

ECS and ECS Philips existing systems.

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Gemini Lighting Solutions - cutting edge solutions for lighting control