At the conception of any project, Gemini Design Services are able to provide a lighting control application best suited to the situation. More than two decades of design experience enables us to view the lighting control requirement as more than just stand alone. Our designers consider the practicalities of the installation and the requirements of the client and produce designs which are both installer and user friendly.
The success of any project starts with the correct Installation of our products. Gemini Lighting Solutions are able to offer places at the Philips Electrical Installers Academy.
The Academy provides a broad insight into how the Philips Dynalite products work ensuring that those conducting the Installation have the correct knowledge to complete their works to the best possible standard to deliver the project on time and within budget.
Your lighting control system is a significant investment that provides many benefits; maintaining your system and getting the best from it makes business sense and with Gemini Lighting Solutions Aftercare achieving this is simplicity itself. Aftercare offers a wide range of services all of which combine to form a truly comprehensive yet bespoke package.

ECS Philips
Philips Dynalite


Simple stand-alone solutions and fully networked intelligent systems.

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Best practice system design. ‘The best lighting control system is the one that the user doesn’t know is there’

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Optimising your investment and managing change through the lifecycle of your building.

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Legacy Systems

ECS and ECS Philips existing systems.

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